Donate to charity

One in four charities that accepts donations has seen a fall in giving in the past year and one in twelve has had to make redundancies. At the same time a Charity Commission poll of about 500 charities also showed one in five had experienced a rise in demand for their services. The impact is particularly severe on specialist or local based charities who do not have the resources for national campaigns.

The unique nature of the Bag2School fundraising scheme enables schools to help make a difference to local charities that are being squeezed by the credit crunch. When schools organise a Bag2School collection, the choice of who the money is paid to is entirely in the hands of the PTA or organising committee. Increasingly, schools are forging links with hospices based in their area as part of their programme to outreach into the local community. Many schools help with local charities that support work in developing countries and there is a growing trend of using Bag2School collections to sponsor individual pupils who have volunteered to undertake a charity trek.