I'm as lazy and unmotivated a fund-raiser as they come, so if I can do it, you can too!

"Last Thursday, I organised a Bag2school collection for our school. I was pretty nervous, as it was my first attempt at fund-raising, and a textile drive was a new activity for our school. But it couldn't have been easier.

We booked a collection about a month ahead and were sent a huge box containing blue collection bags about a week before the booked date. Each family took a bag home, along with the letter from the template at the bottom of this page, filled it with unwanted textiles (you can donate soft toys!!!) and brought it to school the morning of the collection.

I had a restless night, imagining the 3 bags I had filled being the only ones in the playground but I was worrying unnecessarily. The next morning there was a steady stream of blue, and black bags (you can use any other bag if you need extra), heading through the school gate and a couple of large piles forming in the playgrounds.

The collection van arrived just after the children went into class, and everything was loaded within 10 minutes with a little help from the caretaker, and some mums who had kindly stuck around. And that was the sum total of my effort; liaise with the school PTA, make a phone call, edit the letter template so it contained the relevant details, distribute the bags and chuck a few clothes on the back of a truck.

The schools' parents and Bag2school staff did the rest and today I rang the company to be told we had collected little over half a tonne, and raised £257.50 for our school. We will be holding another collection in June and have been told that subsequent collections are usually more lucrative.

"If you are not already using Bag2school to raise money for your school, club or charity, then you should be."

I'm as lazy and unmotivated a fund-raiser as they come, so if I can do it, you can too!"

— Jacquin Mitchell (http://mymumdom.com)