The Funzi & Bodo Trust

Bag2school is joining the battle to save lives and provide education in poor fishing villages in Kenya. It's working with the registered charity The Funzi and Bodo Trust.

The Trust began three years ago and in that time has opened two medical clinics, runs water and road ambulances, funds operations and offers health education.

The Trust has also re-built the Funzi school and opened a library on the island in its efforts to improve literacy and end the cycle of poverty experienced by most families in the villages. It is now working towards re-building the primary school in Bodo village. The charity has also been fighting cholera in Funzi and Bodo where two people have died and large numbers of people have become sick. The Funzi and Bodo Trust has responded by opening a small hospital operation, funding additonal medicines, employing more medical staff and providing beds for the sick.

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