Where do the textiles go?

All clothing collected by Bag2School is sold, either sorted or un-sorted, to importers and wholesalers in many countries of Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia.

Regardless of whether clothes are given to charities, clothing banks, council collections or Bag2School this is where the goods are all sold.

Every year UK consumers dispose of 1.13 million tonnes of clothing & shoes of which 540,000 tonnes (70%) are reused overseas, 160,000 tonnes recycled, 80,000 tonnes are incinerated and 350,000 tonnes end up in landfill.*

Bag2School is a good way to dispose of unwanted clothing, raise money for your school or a charity of your choice and provide a supply of affordable clothing. Bag2School is working with WRAP (Waste & Resources Action Programme) through the SCAP (Sustainable Clothing Action Plan) group for reuse and recycling and is a signatory to the 2020 commitment to reduce the environmental impact of clothing.

Since 1999 Bag2School has paid £27,000,000 to schools.

* WRAP report - "valuing our clothes"