Win-win-win with us

Fifteen years ago Bag2School was founded. A win-win-win business where every participant of the process benefits: the schools, receiving countries and finally, Bag2School itself.


Since 1999, 20,000 schools have joined us on our mission to reduce the tonnes of used textile going to landfill sites. Sorted and un-sorted reusable textiles collected by schools go to importers and wholesalers in countries in Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and Asia. This promotes employment in these countries and prevents perfectly usable clothes ending up as waste. With an estimated £140 million worth of used clothing going to landfill in the UK every year, this is a necessary mission.


Bag2School offers a unique opportunity to mobilise the entire school in order to raise money for PTA’s and school clubs. Schools can unite pupils, staff and teachers on their mission to make in impact. Not just for the world around them, but also for their own school’s activities and future. Schools can also choose to raise money for a charity of their choice, of course!


In our win-win-win model, we also benefit. Bag2School is a business and not a charity, something we openly state and explain. Making a profit, coupled with accountability, promotes both a strong economy and a motivated society. Since Bag2School started, £28,000,000(!) has been paid to schools. In 2008 76,5% of our gross turnover was paid to schools, while 21% went on operating costs and 2,5% was profit.

We would love to invite you to our growing pool of schools and other organisations collecting clothing and raising money. Good for you, good for the world and good for us. Everyone benefits.