What is Bag2School?
Bag2School is not a charity organisation. It is a business, which specialises in collecting and buying quality second-hand clothes in their original condition, which are then sold to wholesalers in emerging nations. Read more about who we are.
Why should we give each pupil a bag rather than one per family?
The success of the collection depends on how motivated the pupils turn out to be. Therefore each child is given the responsibility by Bag2School to fill up their own bag and take it back to school.
What is the difference between Reuse, Recycle and Reduce?
Bag2School's clothing is for reuse, i.e. someone will buy the clothing to wear. Recycle is where clothing will be shredded into raw material, that will then be used to make new products, like mattress fillings. Reduce is applicable when less material and energy is used to make the product.
Where do the clothes go? 
Mostly they are shipped to Eastern Europe where a wholesaler then sorts them and sells them to market traders and boutiques at affordable prices. Read more about what happens to your clothing.
Which areas do you cover?
We operate in England, Scotland and Wales. If you are not sure please contact one of our Bag2School co-ordinators on 01609 780 222. Collections in Northern Ireland are possible, please contact our sister company on tel. 074 9373330 or email address bag2schoolireland@gmail.com.
How much does it cost to set up a collection?
All collections and associated administration is FREE. Bag2School will provide you with clear bags.
There is no storage at school, so how will it work for us?
Many schools do not have storage space to store bags of clothing for an extended period. All clothing can be brought to the school before 9am on the collection date. The collection will take place between 9am - 1pm circumventing any storage problems - the bags can be held outside, but the bags must be kept dry
What if it rains?
In the event of inclement weather please protect your B2S investment by covering with a plastic sheet or storing the bags undercover. Remember wet clothes cannot be re-used.
How often may we organise a collection with Bag2School?
As far as Bag2School is concerned, as many times as this is opportune and feasible. Most schools benefit from a summer and winter collection. However, in larger schools we find once a term produces the best results. We find that the pupils and their parents anticipate by saving up for the following collections.
As we are a very small school in a rural area, how do we go about setting up a collection?
Smaller schools usually involve the whole village and generate excellent collections as the whole community can then join in the collection process. We collect from diverse organisations such as dance schools, scout groups, junior rugby clubs and churches just to name a few.
What are we able to collect?
Read our page what we collect to find out!

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