Fundraising Tips

To maximize the effectiveness of your collection and to raise the most funds we have come up with a list of tips to help promote your collection day and make it as successful as possible.

1. Promote your collection through awesome posters.

We have designed a poster that you can put around your school. This will help you spread the message about your upcoming collection/fundraiser!

2. Give out a letter to each pupil in your school.

Announce your collection to parents prior to handing out your bags by giving the pupils a letter to take home. Be specific about what you are raising funds for so parents will be more invested. Have you done a collection day before? Remind them of how great it went last time and what you were able to do with all the funds that were raised. We have made a template letter to make it even easier. It explains how our scheme works and how best to raise as much funds as possible for your child’s school.

3. Offer pupils something in return!

Now it’s time to get the children excited. What better way is there than to offer them something in return. Here are some thoughts:
• Award a "Non Uniform Day" to the class that brings in most bags
• Give a raffle ticket for each bag brought in and draw a raffle prize
• Award extra house points to the class that brings in most bags

4. Coincide with other school events.

Are you afraid that a Collection Day might be difficult to arrange in the middle of the school year? Arrange your collection to coincide with other school events like PTA meetings, parents evening’s or a sports day.

5. Get friends and family involved.

Raise more funds by asking family and friends to contribute a bag to the collection. Most people you know will have clothing in their wardrobe that they haven’t worn in ages and have no use for.

6. Promote through social media and website posts.

Advertise your collection through Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Does your school have a SMS service? Text all participants a day or two before the collection date to remind them to bring their Bag - 2 - School.

If your school or organisation has space to store the bags why not consider storing them for a day or two before the collection or stagger the bag drop off from the start of the week until the collection. Remember, the last batch of bags should be dropped off before 9am on the collection date. Please ensure the bags are kept dry while you are storing them.

Fundraising Resources

We've also created some resources that you can use to promote the collection.


Use this handy poster to promote your fundraiser at work, school or in your community.


Simply print out this letter template and distribute it to children and parents to promote the collection.

Social Media

Share your collection on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to reach out to parents and the community.

Bag2School Logo

You can download our logo in case you want to create your own promotional materials.

Happy Bag Logo

Use our happy bag branding logo to create posters and other promotional materials.

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