Who are Bag2School?

Our mission is to be the first choice fundraiser for schools. We want to help promote reuse of clothes & shoes to benefit those who rely on 2nd hand clothes as their sole option for good quality clothing. Together we can build a sustainable future by using our resources to further the circular economy.

Bag2School is a trading name of Next Best Clothing Ltd, the largest textile collection company working with schools in the UK. Founded in 1999, we have now paid over £48 million to schools, nurseries, playgroups, pre-school groups and churches which is helping the Circular Economy. We provide a free fundraising service for anyone wanting to raise funds using a resource EVERYONE has got in their wardrobe – unwanted clothes. Better still, the bags used for collections are all recycled!

Our Ethical Policy

We are often asked about our status: Do we trade ethically? Does our company have an ethical policy? Recently, companies have realised that they have a wider responsibility to the communities in which they work, and that much has changed in society’s view of them over the past few years.

Today there are many perspectives to corporate social responsibility. Broadly defined, CSR is the acknowledgement by companies that they should be accountable, not only for their financial performance, but also for the impact of their activities on society and/or the environment. Striking this balance is all-important. Of its annual turnover Bag2School pays 76-80 % to schools, 18-20 % is spent on operational costs and 2-4 % is profit. A win-win-win situation we call it!

A false impression has been given by too many activists that making a profit is irresponsible. In fact, making a profit, coupled with accountability, promotes both a strong economy and a motivated society. It is important to recognise that responsible behaviour creates a sense of self-satisfaction among us all. Everyone benefits.

Meet Our Team


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