Invite Pet2School to your classroom

Why not convert the proceeds of your Bag2School collection into a visit from Pet2School? For £130 you can arrange a visit to your school with our pets!

Invite Pet2School to your classroom and we will create a unique educational experience that will amaze any audience.

During sessions children are encouraged to interact, touch and ask questions about a wide variety of animals creating a hands on experience that will inspire and engage. Interaction with animals has shown to greatly improve social and emotional skills in children, giving them the opportunity to connect with others over their shared interests and experiences with animals.

Our presentations can be tailored to suit your learning objectives, age range and curriculum including topics such as Habitats, food webs and classification our experienced handlers will make any learning experience interactive and fun.

Our animals are all tame and trustworthy companions, able to be touched and held. They vary from mammals such as Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Chinchillas, Reptiles such as Snakes, Lizards and Tortoises. Birds include Owls and Chickens, and Insects and Arachnids including Tarantulas, Cockroaches and Giant Snails.

Contact Megan or Lin to arrange a visit to your school.
01609 780475